"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

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Donna Baker

Thursday, June 4, 2009


When we go to Tulsa to visit our daughters and Izzy, we have this little house where we stay. I decorate it in mostly all things old and in the living room, summer colors and English chintz (pastels and such). Also, notice the wicker. The only problem with that is in winter. I fix that by not changing the decor seasonally. I wonder if it's just me, but as I get older, I tend not to change things around.
Some of you will wince, but I painted the middle cabinet white. I rarely ever paint over wood, but this piece was a deep dark color. It pained me to paint it, but I did. I do love painted pieces, but ones that have already been painted and have a patina; ones that are chippy and/or distressed. This house was built in the 30's and had the same owners for all the years in its existence before I bought it.


  1. What a charming house, so welcoming. Beautiful easy country look to it. Sometimes I change seasonally just by adding blankets and throws, maybe darker pillows, a different picture on the wall. Simple things like that that are so effective.

  2. I think it's all wonderful. How lucky are you to have a little getaway house!

  3. I think you did right by painting it! It now goes with the cottage style you are rocking! Where in Oklahoma is your other house? I'm an okie! I was born in Bartlesville and my dad in Quapaw and Mom in Wagner. My son (Bella's daddy) went to Tulsa Welding School a couple of years ago. Tulsa is pretty!

  4. That's a lovely cottage Donna...
    Very cozy and inviting, just begging you to enter, and have a nice cup of tea, and a slice of cake.
    I tend to leave the same things around the house, the older I have become...
    What's with that ? Too lazy perhaps ?
    Have fun!

  5. What a sweet little place. As an old time American Country dealer I too had a hard time painting that first piece white, but some brown furniture just looks better with a coat of paint to freshen it up and to show its shape more effectively. I know what you mean and getting older and not rearranging as much..me too. xo Joan

  6. What a charming cottage! I would have painted the cupboard as well! I to love old paint, but if it was a piece I loved and it was dark, I would give it a breath of fresh air with paint!

    I would love to live way out in the country! I wish I could talk Craig, my husband into moving!


  7. I love to meet people close to my age, especially when they say back in the day or back in my time...I'm with ya on the French country(Provencal)look, I love it too, so cottageylike. The white paint was perfect for this piece, I like to think of the paint as a preservative...ha! men hate painted furniture, they love the look of wood. We on the other hand think of our nest and what will make it pleasant and comforting.

    Looks like rain today...have a good one!


  8. Hi, I just found you site through Teresa Smith at Time-worn Interiors. Love your reading list/movie list and the writers cramps of putting pen to paper for a book. Where in the world can I get one of the carved, painted dogs I see on your blog????? love 'em! Jackie at Bliss Farm Antiques

  9. Thanks for getting back me. I MUST HAVE THE SPOTTED DOG! He will stand guard (chien du guard!) at my cash register! Also I would love to carry your work in my shop. Please email me with info (do you wholesale to shopkeepers like me?)Email me at: lantry4@comcast.net


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