"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

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Donna Baker

Sunday, August 30, 2009


These pictures were taken from our room's porch/balcony at The Del. I was used to being up two hours earlier than Californians were, so I'd go get a cappuccino and read the newspaper on the porch. The gulls would be watching from the hotel roof and come right over. They would run off the sparrows, crows and grackles. Of course, I'd have to share my banana caramel sticky bun with them. One gull, the boy I guess, would take a bite over to the other one and lay it down beside her, then do a little dance and shrieking song while bobbing its head. I'm quite sure the next door neighbors loved the noise. Oh, well, I'm such a sucker for birds. And, luckily, no one threw a shoe at me. A couple or few facts I'll share with you. Did you know there aren't any bugs around there? I did see one fly. I asked and was told there were no bugs. So what do all the birds eat? Sticky nut buns? Or potato chips? They are missing out on the cicadas and crickets. Never heard the peepers while I was there either. Oh, well, they sure got us beat on the weather. Seventy degrees during the day with a breeze and cooler at night. Can't get any better than that in my book. No AC bills nor heating bills. Did you know the sand was cold? I'm used to sand that's almost too hot to walk on. I was not going to stick my toe in the water. They have great whites there and Humboldt squids with 5 foot long tentacles full of millions of razor sharp claws. It also gets dark earlier there than in OK. I can't get that around my head as to why that is. Must be mathematical or something about the curvature of the earth. I don't know. I saw in the local paper a little article that shocked me somewhat. They were giving hepatitis shots on the beach somewhere around there. Seems, down in Tijuana, they dump all their crud in the Tijuana River which washes around San Diego and 80% of all their water samples taken and tested have hep in them. That is why they give the shots on the beach. Good or nasty - I'm not sure which. Nonetheless, I'm still dreaming about The Del and San Diego way. I'm ready to go back now!


  1. It sounds like such a dreamy place!

  2. When I lived on Cape Cod, most of the seagulls were at McDonald's 'begging' for French fries!
    I really enjoy your blog and thank you for the advise about the garden; we'll definately try that.
    Sunny :)

  3. It does stop and make you wonder what the birds eat...besides what is fed to them!
    You're smart not to get in that water if that's the company you'd be keeping!

  4. Donna... I love the photos and the story... How does California get all the cool weather... it's just not fair! It does, however, get quite cold in the northern end of the state... with snow counted in feet rather than inches... but oh the beauty... I, like you, can't wait to get back again...

    meme's? You don't want to know my dear... ;)


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