"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wedding Pics

The wedding of my son Parker and his new bride Katie has come and gone and I feel like Isobel in this pic. I really didn't have to do that much, but I was wiped out when it was all said and done. Guess I'm getting too old for these kinds of things. Isobel had on the cutest apple green dress with beaded butterflies, hem and bodice and sparkly shoes to match. Izzy turns 2 next month and as you can imagine (or can't), she was uncontrollable at the fete. She mopped the floor or was running to and fro; she frowned or ran from everyone. Instantly, the shoes came off and the hair clip came out. People were saying she was a little Nonna and I have to admit, they were right. I couldn't help but smile. She does take after the original wild child.

When Oliver started crying and Isobel was at the point of whatever, my middle daughter Cady, had to take them to the car and remain there throughout the wedding; missed her little brother and his bride saying their vows.

It was dark in the chapel so I got only a few pics that turned out. This is Parker waiting for the show to begin.

They said their vows and thank goodness, they won't have to depend on me for their wedding pictures.


  1. Just beautiful !
    A lovely bride and groom, and little Izzy looked precious in her apple green/ butterfly dress, almost like a fairy.
    Too bad your daughter missed the vows, but that was ver considerate of her. You a WILD child ?? Lol do we get more?
    Thanks for sharing your personal pictures with us, it looked grand !

  2. How adorable! Beautiful bride and groom...you'll have to show us more! I know you had a great time or you wouldn't be tired! Get some rest now!

  3. Reminds me of my towheaded heathen...I spent many an hour in the car while others shopped, while I calmed the savage beast...my 2 year old daughter...what a handful.

    She turns 41 on Thursday and has a much better attitude these days...thank God!!!

    Beautiful bride and groom...congrats mom!

  4. I feel kind of like Isobel too! Think I could get C.D. to hold me like that and let me take a nap?
    You have a beautiful family. I know you must be so proud of them. Your grandchildren are gorgeous!!!
    P.S. Did you cry?

  5. Beautiful day, beautiful family! Thanks for sharing with us, Ellen.

  6. Yes, I am the original wild child. I was incorrigible and why else would I live far from anywhere on a farm? There is hope for us later in life. I also used to have a business called Wild Child designs. No Deb, I didn't cry. I rarely ever cry. Don't know why. Isobel was being herself in the first photo, she either arches backwards or turns to a limp noodle; anything to be oppositional.

  7. I really wish I could have been there. I feel like I missed my own little brother's wedding!!

    Love you all!
    Ashlee B.

  8. A lovely bride and groom, and little Izzy looked precious in her apple green/ butterfly dress, almost like a fairy.

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  9. These photos are precious. I love Izzy mopping up the floor in her beautiful dress. It was a lovely wedding and they are so happy and in love....very sweet!


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