"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

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Donna Baker

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Paris Antique and Ham Fair Pics

Just a few more random photos from the antique show. By the time I started shopping, I forgot about all the things I was going to look for while I was there. So, just pics of my ogling everything.


  1. Dear Donna

    I really lost my list of blogs, not the post. Even your blog does not exist in my list. My desk says I do not follow any blog, and had so many so beautiful. Sometimes translater does not work.

    Were you at the Ritz?
    What was that?

    Warm greetings from Santiago de Chile autumn

  2. Wow love the settee and bird case, just fab! Happy Cinco de Mayo.

  3. Oh mylanta Donna! I am in love with all of it.


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