"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Parisian Street Fair

I love monkeys and this big one wanted to come home with me. I couldn't afford him anyway and feared I'd have to buy him an extra seat.

We happened along a sidestreet full of tents with antiques and decided to stop and shop. Loved all these old toys. The prices were only slightly better than the Ham Fair, but great stuff.

I loved these wooden painted animals and made home with a few of them. At 7 euros apiece, they seemed like a deal considering almost every other thing we had seen in Paris.

I love old molds but have many so I passed these up.

And what , pray tell, was this old sign lying in the street outside of the tent? "Is it for sale," I ask. I love old signs and she said, "Oui, 70euros." Oh but of course I had to have it. Pretty heavy and big but I was absolutely sure it would fit in my luggage.

My new find, my sign with the trefoil corners, was going to fit perfectly - until the night before I left Paris. I had brought two large hard sided suitcases. But, the sign wouldn't fit. I was about to go looking for a sledge hammer, but I finally got the 4 corners wedged/bent upwards. The security people left a note in my bag that they had checked it out. Nevertheless, it hangs in my kitchen and I am very happy with my Paris cafe sign.


  1. How fun is this? I want to go!

  2. I got a real visual of you cramming that sign in your suitcase, reminds me of my trip to California to visit my brother, we went antiquing and I found the coolest old, mounted iguana and I too knew it was coming home with me, it was about 6 inches bigger than my case, but I got that sucker in...can you imagine what that looked like through the x-ray machine, they checked it out too...ha!!!

    What a memorable trip, but the torture of not being able to bring it all home...geesh!!!


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