"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Chic Countertop

The new tin foil counter top is tres chic.  Matches all the new silver furniture and wall decorating I am seeing in magazines - a fad I think will be over before it started.  Nevertheless, I am trying it out - on my kitty cats.  Five now call my home their home and come and go through the doggie door tracking in little dirty paw prints and enough hair to stuff a couch.  I heard this would work to discourage them from getting on the kitchen counters as I am at wits end.  Short of shaving them bald, I'm giving it a try.  So far, I don't see one hair on the kitchen counter.  How do they even know it's there or that they don't like it?  They can't see up there from the floor.  Even so, the bad little kitties haven't set foot upon it.  Perhaps my cats are genius cats or super cats, or are in fact, reading my mind! Please give me some helpful hints before I shave them bald or sew them up into pillow cases, cut out holes for arms and legs and fashion little cat suits for them.  With spring coming, Teddy, Midge, Mean Mom, Boo and Buzzy are already starting to shed.  I read that Martha Stewart puts clean towels on her furniture daily to combat pet hair, but never read what she does to keep them off her kitchen counters.  PS ~ her cats have hair about three times as long as mine!


  1. That's the problem with doggie doors... we don't have one because we get too many skunks, possum, squirrels, armadillo, and coyote... I could go on... point is... we don't want anything coming in the door that we don't invite, so we have to let the dogs in and out the old fashion way... ;)

    We also get the stray cat now and again.. and with my allergies to the beautiful feline... well.. that just wouldn't do...

    Our daughter, who does have a doggie door... came home one day to torn curtains and various other destruction... yep... stray cat came in and got chased all over the house by the dogs... what a mess!

    that tin foil thing may work, but it's gonna become a big pain in the keister over time...

    good look girlfriend... ya gonna need it!

  2. Is it the non-stick kind of tin foil ?
    That is some slippy stuff, they'd go sliding across the counter top like they were skating on a pond :)
    Hope it works for you, sometimes a spray bottle filled with water and lots of surveillance time, is all that works....
    Good Luck !

  3. Oh, oh, oh, I'm sending my daughter this tip. She has 3 cats that absolutely WON'T stay off the cabinets and counters.


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