"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

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Donna Baker

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gargoyle At Chartres Cathedral

Crying out for rain and cooler temperatures! What a hellish summer we are experiencing yet again.  All of the new three year old blueberry plants I recently planted are scorched.  My new baby apple trees are losing leaves.  The new growth on my recently purchased avocado tree is toast and our grass is like the kind you find in easter baskets.  I could go on and on.  Did I mention that I am constantly watering?

This gargoyle photo was taken at Chartres Cathedral on a day-long foray into the Loire Valley; a two hour drive from Paris.  Decorative, yet functional, the rain spouts would be a welcome sight functioning around here.


  1. Hi Donna - first let me please say how sorry I am it took me so long to answer you. When I started to work at home, I was on the computer all day and having a very rough time of it. While working I am not allowed to go on the internet - so when I was done, the LAST thing I wanted to do was to get back on the computer! Happy to say things are better now.

    ok - I realize that you probably have already made a decision about this horse - but I am going to give you my opinion in case you have not. This is a sad situation. Almost every baby horse bites. For one - like human babies it is a way ot exploring their world. When I raise a baby, no matter how young, they will understand VERY quickly that biting is NOT allowed. Immediately they will get repremanded and it is even better if the repremand comes as the horse is coming at you, before contact is made. Now, when you have a horse that is older, like the one you described, it is a more difficult situation. For one, as you already know, you can really get hurt.

    In a horses world dominance is everything. It determins who gets the best and most food, water, shelter etc. She is acting as a normal semi wild horse acts.

    Can it be trained out of her? Hard question to answer. Some horses are known biters. This is for every breed. Others have such a heart to please their owners, it is quick to resolve. You do need the assistance from a real professional trainer. I understand the 'humaine' aspect of what you want.. but a biting horse would be an easy canadate to end up in a slaughter house, if it is not resolved.

    I love my horses. We now have 9 and some of them are not 'useable'. We call them Yard Art. Our accountant calls them unproductive drains on our finances. Both statements are true. I would not take on this horse unless you are willing to accept it for life no matter what the outcome is.

    I hope this helps.

  2. Beautiful shot! Sorry to hear about your poor plants. Hope you are thriving. Most likely looking forward to fall? Take good care and will be back soon,
    xoxo, Kirsten


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