"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

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Donna Baker

Monday, March 2, 2009

Feral Barn Cats

If you read the earlier post about my cats and barn cats, then you will have read one about MeanMom, the feral barn cat. It has taken me over a year but this week we have finally broken through and bonded somewhat. Yea! She would always spit and hiss and jump at us (me and my wieners). Then she would meow around and talk to me, but if I bent down or looked at her cross ways, she'd start hissing and growling etc. Wouldn't let me go too near. Well, I have persisted and last week when I'd hold my hand to her she would slap it, then claw it over to her and bite it then lick it. I got in a few rubs before she'd slap me. Now, I can just rub her and she circles around my legs rubbing, purrs while I stroke her back. Major accomplishment! I took two barn cats to get spayed last week and have 3 more to do including MeanMom. And I would have taken her in too but she would not work with my timetable and is a little too fat now. But, progress has been made! I guess now I'll have to start calling her MomCat.
Here is MeanMom clawing and pulling my hand to her and biting it.

MeanMom when she had finally gotten to the stage where she would come within 6 feet of me but no more than that. She still swats me and the other cats and dogs, but, the other day I saw her peeking in the doggie door to see where we all were. By the way, MeanMom isn't a barn cat anymore. She moved herself up to my garage, which she rules over, some time ago.


  1. Donna, my daughter has a "Mean mom" cat also.
    Unfortunately, she is really a sweet cat, and quite old 12 years now.
    When she was younger, we took her to be spayed, and she returned with this horrible, unpredictable trait.
    She wants you to pet her, scratch behind her ears, but the minute you lay a hand in the wrong place, she nails you...
    We, just pet her, and watch her like a hawk!

  2. What a cute kittie! I will definately let Deb know. Thanks for praying her!

  3. Way to go... getting that cat to come closer! She's going to love you once she gets to know ya!


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