"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

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Friends, Romans, countrymen...y'all. Foodies, gardeners, artists and collectors - let's gather together to share and possibly learn a thing or two in the mix.

Donna Baker

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Into The Mystic

We were born before the wind......

I have been on a journey this past year and a half, or so.  It began with the line, As Above, So Below - from Hermes Trismegistus' Emerald Tablet.  That lead to crystals and a whole world of mystical things - the Tree of Life, Hoodoo, Voodoo, Wicca, The Kabbalah, Tea Leaf reading, Feng Shui, the I Ching, palmistry, numerology, astrology, Tarot, fortune telling...

All of these blend into each other which is the most surprising discovery I have made.  Even into different religions.  They go back thousands of years.  A few months ago, I would have said, I don't believe in Hoodoo or Voodoo.  Even two months ago I would have said I don't believe in witchcraft.  Did you know that crossing your fingers behind your back is an old witchcraft spell?

I'm just at the beginning of tarot and fortune-telling cards.  The man with the crutches on the upper left is from the 1700's and is from a minchiate deck from Italy.   Some of the upper cards are between 1700's-1800's.  The deck on the bottom is a handmade fortune-telling deck from Warsaw from the 1940's.  I have had to go buy books to research and as for the fortune-telling deck, I've yet to figure out what the symbols mean.

It has been very interesting, I only wish I'd have started in my 30s and 40s when I still had more than a reptilian brain (the memory is going, going,)

Who knew?

It is raining and I do hope the little trick or treaters are able to go out.  I don't want any candy left after tonight.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

More More More

Love Lula Belle's slaw.

Whew!  I think the end is in sight for salads.  Maybe one more post of them.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Salt Fat Acid Heat

A new show just started on Netflix and I am hooked.  Samin Nosrat is wonderful - a breath of fresh air.  Her enthusiasm and joie d'vivre is contagious.  I had never heard of her, but am now a fan.  I can't wait to watch all the shows.  Sumptuous locales, the people, the cultures and Samin make this show a must. 

I was a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain; no one like him.  I think the same about Samin (Sameen).  So far I've watched her in Italy and Japan.  There is a shopping site on the show website and I am wondering if the Japanese artisanal soy sauce, aged for four years in 150 year old cedar vats is worth the cost.  It shouldn't be used in cooking, but for tasting on rice, sushi etc.  What the heck.  You only live once and I need to taste it.  Supposedly unlike regular soy sauce which is aged for three months and mass produced.  

I think you can watch the episodes on youtube if you don't get Netflix.  So worth your time.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

I Can't Comment Or See

Well hell.  I've needed to go see the optometrist as it has been a couple of years and I am supposed to go yearly to have my eyes dilated and checked.  It is just last on my list for this year and I still haven't done it.  I took my glasses off for a moment and laid them on my lap.  When I realized they weren't on my face, I started to get up and crack - I stepped on them.

In the US, Medicare doesn't cover eye exams or glasses.  You have to go to the eye doctor, have the tests done, then pick out frames and have the lenses made with add-ons of course.  This pair cost about $800.00 (the frames were about $125-150).  Guess I have to go quickly as my old glasses aren't strong enough.  

Still having comment problems. Google has a large lawsuit over Google+ and has deleted it.  Chrome is also being sued over something or other.  I'm just waiting for Google to fix it.

It has gone from fall to winter in a week.  I actually had to put on a tee shirt and socks last night to sleep in. I also had to put up all my citrus plants yesterday because freezing temps were in the forecast.  Got stabbed in my scalp and hands and arm for my efforts by inch long thorns. Yes, I am kvetching.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


My precious weenie child, Emmy, wants her breakfast this morning (Sister is sleeping). She is the sparkle in my eyes, my joy. Looking at her in the morning light made me think of this song, Landslide.  I and Emmy and Sister are getting older too. 

By the way, Blogger is acting up.  I can't comment or reply to comments, though I've experimented and sometimes can comment as anonymous.  I'm still reading your blogs friends, but I am worried about that even.  I was told to delete cookies.  Done.  Still having problems.  Get Chrome.  Uh, no! I have a MacBook Air and an iPhone that use Safari as my browser. Then told to delete all followers, save then set it all up again...  WTF?  I don't even know how to do that.  In reading in the help forum, it seems that a few months ago, Blogger changed some things.  I think it is related to the Gmail comments we are getting on our posts.  They want us to use Gmail now.  Try reading the Help Forum.  Not what I want to have to do. Jeez.  Anyway, If you don't hear from me and/or I drop out of the ether, I'll find my way back. Somehow.  Maybe. Guess it depends on Blogger as I can't figure it out by myself.