"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

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Donna Baker

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Do confectionery decorations remind you of when you were young? They do me and though they are basically tasteless, it wouldn't be Christmas without them. I'll not bore you with the encyclopedic history of the dragee - just a few facts I gleaned. Though dragee is from the french, the Greek term is tragemata, meaning sweet treats and they date back centuries. Who knew? The classic form are Jordan almonds. Throwing out these sweet treats at special occasions and weddings meant to ensure happiness, good luck, prosperity and fertility. Multi-colored paper confetti is now usually the replacement.
Silver dragees have long been used for pastry decorations. Gold, copper, rainbow and pearlescent colors are now available. The USDA says the silver dragee is inedible. Early in the 20th century, they contained mercury though they don't now. They were even banned for sale for a time.
What to do with them? Well, decorate iced sugar cookies for the holidays. Type in sugar cookie in the upper left hand corner for my recipe. I used to sell these at a tea room and have had many compliments. They are really good and great for the holidays as you gather together or gift your friends. And, you can make and ice them ahead of time. They freeze wonderfully.


  1. I love silver dragees, but I can't find them anywhere! One salesperson gave me that bull about mercury...but Martha uses them! I did find white ones. They are perfect for jazzing up the humblest of desserts.

  2. I was looking for the silver dragees for years! Just now am finding them in stores...my kids say they look like little ball bearings on the cake!

    You make BEAUTIFUL Christmas cookies girl...too good to eat!

  3. I haven't made sugar cookies in years...I guess if I ever have the time to bake, I procrastinate and think of the other things I could be doing that will make money...besides, I'd be forced to eating them all...right!

    Dreading the next snowfall...and freezing temps, but I'll soon count the days till spring...as soon as we have the first day of winter, it's all downhill for me!!!


  4. Last time I visited your blog, it was the pecan pie, and now these silver dragees... You always make me crave sugar!

    PS: don't miss the giveaway on my blog!

  5. We got 6 inches of heavy wet stuff, glad it was wet though, would've been 12 inches...now the winds, but the snow is too heavy to blow, yayyyy...

    ...and yes I lived in lake Placid for 3 years, me mum is there, but my son in law's brain cancer was progressing, so it was decided I come back to run my daughter's shop so she could stay home with him in his last days, we lost him 2 years ago at age 36.

    But I do love living in Iowa, many ask why...it's because all of them don't live here...and it's in my soul...know what I mean...?! and I can go to Florida and stay with mum anytime...but we're having too much fun at The Asylum...and we do need to be committed!!! Ha!

    See ya...

  6. The pictures of those gorgeous sugar cookies are enough to get me baking! Also, love the gords!


  7. What perfect little cookies !
    My gran (the bakery owner) used these on her petite fours, it was my job to place them just in the right spot.
    We also use them on iced English Christmas fruit cakes, they look so festive, but I've never liked to bite down on them, so I usually remove them before indulging :)

  8. Those cookies are Delightful! hugs. Dixie

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