"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

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Donna Baker

Sunday, January 10, 2010


During my 'treasure hunts', I come across many things that speak to me one way or another. This is a native American medicine bag, used much like a Christian sacrament, as a symbol or token. Once a brilliant blue, the silk has faded over the years. It is tied with deer hide. Of course I had to peek inside. Pandora had nothing on me. Anyway, it contains plant materials; nothing I could make out as to what the plants were though I did discern a dried up flower in the mix.
I had a friend once whose step-father was a full-blood Choctaw Indian. Marla said he was always making bags and tokens and stashing them places like under the couch cushions, the bed, etc. He supposedly would pull hair from her hairbrush and wrap it around a bone. She wasn't sure what else he would do, but she thought he made the bags to keep them healthy. In OK, we have hot, dry summers and Marla said she had seen him down on his knees in a dry creek bed. He would cup dirt in his raised hands, chanting. He said it would rain. It usually did.


  1. Love your blog!
    Darlie of
    the Redneck Junkers

  2. That's pretty powerful ....I'm sure it was sent out into the world with a mission. I think the energy of your place will keep it happy...

  3. Thank you Darlie, and I hope so Susan.

  4. Isn't this fascinating !
    I have been fortunate to make friends with several native American's and am blessed because of it.
    They are indeed a "spiritual" culture.
    By the way, who is the new friend...did I miss something, I see him on the side of your blog !
    He's wonderful !!

  5. I too love any Native American articles and can't part with any I have.

    I have a treasured 'Two Grey Hills' Navajo rug, handmade by this particular artist, Scratchy loves to lay in the sun on it on the back of my(her)chair. A dear artist friend from Colorado, bought it for me directly from the weaver...a treasure indeed.

    I love the idea of having a good luck charm of Earth medicine carried around with me...I have a medicine wheel in my yard, it's my church and when I feel the need to be with my creator...that's where I head to, to be one with the Universe and Nature and I don't have to listen to Christian rock music...don't get much better'n the sounds of silence.

    We had some thawing today...yayyyy...


  6. What an interesting post - Found Art, I'd call it! My sisters husband is Choctaw and her children are currently studying the Choctaw language in an attempt to preserve the family tradition. Over the Christmas holidays while visiting family in Oklahoma, we discussed many a Choctaw tradition as the kids (who are homeschooled) are exploring this part of their heritage.

    I also came upon an interesting antique in an antiques shop in OKC (the Rink Gallery) - I bought an puzzle that was a map of the United States. It was made before Oklahoma was a state, in place of Oklahoma it shows Indian Territory! It now graces my tea table in Berlin Germany partially assembled a tribute to my past.

    Happy New Years Donna,

  7. You all are so dear to me and help me learn in so many ways. Jo, I'll tell you about my new friend in a day or so.

  8. Donna, your comment was so sweet, thank you. And boy do you know me :) how much I love Ina Garten, she's one of my favs that I watch daily. Hope you have a great week my friend, T

  9. My Mother has gifted me with some special Native American pieces. I'll never part with them. The work is so beautiful. You have a wonderful collection.

  10. Donna.. you post about the most amazing stuff!

  11. hello,
    That medicine bag looks good enough to chew on and tear apart.
    MTW, my mom closed her blog, but you can check out MY new blog.
    Give my regards to Emmy and her Sister.

  12. I would so have LOVED to find that medicine bag. I'm sure I would have peeked too. Keep it preciously.

  13. Dear Donna
    Thanks for your comment.
    I can't wait to see her too :)

    Greetings from Chile.


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