"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

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Donna Baker

Friday, March 19, 2010


The only thing 'my old man" had when I met him, were these old rock posters from the 1960's. As his 'old lady' (and I really am now), this was the year that I finally had them framed. Only 40 years after the fact. These concerts were held in San Francisco at the Avalon Ballroom - a big deal in its day. Big Brother and the Holding Company held many concerts there and was the group that played with Janis Joplin before she went out on her own. Some others were Jefferson Airplane, the Greatful Dead, Canned Heat, among other big names of the day. I'm feeling a little politically incorrect tonight. Back then, my old man and I were hippies. Do any of you remember the 60's? It is said if you remember the 60's, you weren't there...Boy, how things have changed.
Woodstock was more than a concert: it was a movement toward a new America (or so they said). We burned our bras. Brought about the end to the horrible Vietnam war. New words were coined by the Woodstock generation; far out, peace, out of sight, wigged out, munchies, doobies, trippin', truckin', orange sunshine... It really was a new age.
The Stones were my favorite band. Liked the Doors too. They said the 60's died after the Stone's concert at Altamont, when Hell's Angels, protecting the stage, killed a concertgoer; an end to the hippie Woodstock generation and their mantra, peace and love. Those days were long ago and far away. A toast to all of us that made it out alive. Like the words from the Greatful Dead song said, "what a long, strange trip its been."


  1. artifacts! we were there! too cool...love the posters...really love those days...thanks for the memories....p.s that is a great collection!

  2. OUTTA SIGHT MAN...got to party with Moby Grape after their concert in Iowa City...you just couldn't do enough concerts, loved Kiss concerts and...I can't remember the rest, but I know I had fun...

    Boy, they were the days weren't they, all the cool clothes us hippies wore. My brother moved to San Fransisco right out of high school and was good friends with Jefferson Starship and many others.

    The thing that I remember the most about the 60's was the Vietnam war...all of my men friends were drafted one at a time, my best friends fiance was killed by sniper fire the day before coming home to be married...Piper's dad was writing me letters the whole time he was there and my mother never gave them to me, I never thought he cared...no wonder we did the drug scene...to forget the horrors of a generation lost.

    And you know, I don't think we did so bad...'cept for them gogo boots...NOT!!!

    Cool posters, what a collection! BTW...my granny always said plant your peas before the last snow...so hope you got the peas in the ground...I can't find mine yet...must be the age!


  3. PS...I never inhaled!!!

    My word verification...stashe...


  4. I was out of the country...and too young. But we ended up (once married) living in a small town next to the original Woodstock. Every year there would be a gathering of rainbow children and musicians! Actually I have a pair of adirondack chairs that sat on the porch and watched it. The pictures and the stories were great! Yours too! And those posters...priceless!

  5. I'm dying to see these! I'm so glad you framed them. They are definitely works of art. Cady told me long ago that you saw The Stones while you were pregnant with Erin and I always thought that was a cool story.

  6. well miss donna... I remember the 60's.. but I was a young teen... 14-15... I, like you, loved the stones... and Janis... I love the 60's and what they stood for.. we were so idealistic then... but then again ... they formed who I am today.. and I like me... so they must have been okay...

    yes.. Lent is a long time.. 40-days excluding Sundays... but it's a wonderful time of reflection and mental reorganization...

    I absolutely LOVE your (and big daddy's) poster collection.. I remember some of them.. especially the last one from BB&Holding Co... love this post.. thanks for the stroll down memory lane. I actually found an old friend from the 60's this weekend... on facebook... he was in a band with my older brother... now he's a bible preacher... ain't life a funny thang...

    hugs.. Dixie

  7. Oh wow look at these posters they're fantastic! I'm so angry about missing the 60's :P

  8. I came here via Sweet Repose's blog comments. I saw your name, clicked, and got to your profile page. What struck out at me after I saw your picture was that you describe yourself as a Renaisance Woman.
    So, it was coincidence, serendipity, cosmos, Karma, syncronicity that my description of myself on my own profile page is that I am a Renaisance Man.
    Enough of that.
    Far Out is right! I'm in this mix. I saw Big Brother et al, WITH Janis in 1968 in Denver. That was my first real concert. I was 19.
    And like Bill Clinton, I inhaled.
    I believe the Beatles changed the world. It was the long hair that started it all, and their mantra, "All You Need Is Love" as in Peace, Love and Rock and Roll.

    Peace to all.

  9. love your vintage posters wall, Donna!

  10. The posters are fantastic, far f---ing out! They look great in the frames, too. I love your blog. Forget facebook; concentrate on your blog. Your life is much more interesting, anyway.

  11. Your posters are really great and historics.

    Warm greetings from Chile.


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