"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

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Donna Baker

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Who Me?

I received an award today from Gaye. She has the most sumptuous, interesting blog - it is really incomparable. Go give her blog a look at Little Augury - littleaugury.blogspot.com. Thank you so much Little a. From time to time, I wonder who or what these friends and acquaintances we meet in cyberspace are really like. Do we gravitate toward the ones we share common interests with; maybe we are voyeurs delving into lives we wish we lived. Whatever, I am just glad to meet so many incredible and interesting people out there.
Little Augury said I should pass this award along to 6 other bloggers whose blogs I enjoy.
AUREA mary-laure.blogspot.com- Mary-Laure has a wonderful blog; reminds me of seeing life through a child's eyes.
THE ANTIQUES DIVA http://antiquesdiva.blogspot.com/- Toma is an Oklahoma girl; lives the life I want, and is becoming famous. I'm meeting her in Paris in March. Yippee!
IT'S ABOUT TIME http//bjws.blogspot.com- All I can say is Wow. (I refer to her as the Professor).
LIFE AT WILLOW MANORwillowmanor.blogspot.com - Willow has taught me so much and is great at what she does; always enjoy her posts.
SWEET REPOSE thefabricofsweetrepose.blogspot.com- Sista Sharon is a long lost twin in a parallel universe.
TALES FROM THE COOP KEEPER talefromthecoopkeeper.blogspot.com- Jayme makes me laugh.
Now, I will reveal 7 random things about moi...
Uhh, I'm not afraid of anything - (except large sharks).
When I was in my younger days, I wanted to be an internist or a volcanologist.
Sometimes, (though totally at random times) I am psychic or should I say intuitive.
I love to read encyclopedias, or did, before the computer age.
My parrot, Birdie, is trying, as I type this, to pluck my eye out. He likes to blog with me.
OMG, 2 more things. This is hard. Must be psychological. (I am married to a neuropsychologist).
I like sunny skies.
I have to tell you a little story here. The day I read that Little Augury gave this award to me in the comfort category, I had to laugh. The previous night, I couldn't fall asleep until 6AM. At 6:45, my cat came running into my bedroom with a squeaking field rat in his mouth and promptly dropped it. At that instance, my little weeny who had emergency spinal surgery in December and isn't supposed to jump off anything, flew off the bed to chase the rat around. She was screaming too, till she caught it. My husband jumped up about the same time and said "one of your dogs just peed on me." Oh yes, and I ruined a painting I had been working on for two weeks, and all that happened before noon. So, Little Augury, thank you and all of my favorite (and there are many) bloggers. You comfort me.
Postscript ~ I will figure out how to link these blogs so you can click on them asap. I am also technically challenged.


  1. Now I know! What a real talent you are Donna-the Nature studies are extraordinary. I find great comfort in knowing you have animals running about (nix the rat) peeing on loved ones and generally creating mayhem. I will seek out your picks. Gaye

  2. What a lovely award and one well deserved.
    P.S. To do a link...just click on the little icon that looks like a chain link and type in (or cut and paste) the html address and voila!

  3. HOW FUN!!!! Thanks so much for including me on this list!!!! And I can't wait to meet you in Paris! :)

  4. Thank you so much. I left my response on my blog.



  5. Thank you, Donna! I am very honored, indeed, dear friend.

    Gaye has fabulous taste.

  6. Thanks so much Donna! I so appreciate it. I'm glad I can make you laugh!


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