"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

And Then There Were Two

Can you believe it?  Another huge mouth to feed!  This brown girl showed up last month.  She left her pastures and crossed a fence and eighty acres to get here.  Guess she was lonely and hungry too by the look of her ribs.  I expect this animal cruelty from our neighbors, but not from her owner, who is a school superintendent of a rural school system.  

Hosannah no likey brown girl - has to share her feed now.

You better not bite my knee!

Hosannah thinks that's hilarious.

She finally decides to lie down though when I moved an inch, she popped right back up just in case I might have hidden some graham crackers from her.

To all my dear blog friends that haven't had comments from me, I am still not able to comment on some of your blogs, but am reading and enjoying them.


  1. Great shots! So funny ... with her mouth open!! Hopefully they will get along and like each other!

  2. Love the laughing horse. Maybe they will become friends. Hope you are recovering well.

  3. Thanks for the smiles this morning girl...this crazy weather, this crazy economy...my garden suffered as well, no rain for over a month right at production time. I have 6 pints of tomatoes in the pantry...plenty on the vine but they won't ripen. I still blame it on the aerial spraying that went on daily all around me.

    I had the worst crop of beans EVER...they were so tough and stringy, but the wierd thing was the mutation of the seed, my green beans had purple stripes and flat pods, like they were miss labeled or something...I blame it on Fukushima and the jet fuel trace from the airport down the road...let's throw in some fluoride from the water source, toxins from diesel fuel on the 4-lane...have I missed anything...!!!

    I'm afraid if two horses wandered into my yard, I'd be hitchin' them to a gypsy wagon and heading somewhere in the sunset...sigh...I'm with ya on the gardening frustration!!! Then the state mows down ALL of my prairie grass that keeps my meandering chickens in my yard and off the highway...I need a place more remote!!! Or maybe I need to plant more trees, the drought got many of the new ones I planted...ARGH!!!

    In spite of it all, it was good to hear from you friend, take good care of them beautiful equines, wish I could afford one!!!


  4. so sweet! blessing to you, and Hossannah for rescuing her! I'm glad she found you; looks like she needs you, poor baby.



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