"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Tadpole Poses

Ever try to get three tadpoles to pose?  Well, they won't.  I went wading in one of my farm ponds to find bullfrog tadpoles (they are as big as marbles), but found only these measly ones.  My grand kids will enjoy them anyway.
I got to thinking about a post by John Gray of Going Gently, about what made you laugh heartily as a child.  Now, I was a serious child; shy and quiet and could not remember that time.  But, I do remember the thrill of tadpoles and crayfish; climbing the tallest trees to peer into bird nests and see the little eggs.  I enjoyed the out of doors and guess I am still that child.

My goldfish have no such problems posing, though they really only want me to feed them.

This is for those whom are thinking about putting in a water garden/goldfish pond.  Be careful of the water plants you choose, especially water lilies and cat tails.  They take over.  My yearly immersion into the stinkiest, nastiest and most disgusting water is nigh.  I have to cut out half of the lilies and get the dead oak leaves out.  The plant root you don't see is as heavy and large as a meteor and I'll have to carve away at it.  That, and if you live in an area with water snakes, well, they'll just love your fish pond.
If that didn't scare you away, well, I do love to watch the gold fish and frogs and dragonflies and even the darn lilies when they bloom.


  1. You won't lessen my enjoyment of beautiful water lilies floating atop a lake; but you sure increased my appreciation of the work of maintaining a fish pond.

  2. I've only ever came across one garden snake in our tiny pond, and I ran him off....
    Yes, the water lilies seem to take over, I have removed mine every year, and now I have mostly Japanese Water Iris, so very pretty....
    When I was young, most all of the kids in our village went tadpoling, I would bring them back home, and nuture them into the frog stage, and then return them to the nearest brook, all this knowing my mum was feared out of her head of frogs :)
    Do kids even do that sort of thing nowadays, or are they too busy spending time playing games on their gadgets ?
    Your pond is a delight, and I can only imagine the amount of work it takes to maintain each year.

  3. I have a tiny tiny pond..we stopped having fish..as they were eaten..maybe this year..and I tried water lettuce and I think the birds and squirrels eat it all.
    I have super FOND memories..feelings actually ..of catching tadpoles down by the river when I was little.
    Sweet memory~


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