"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

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Donna Baker

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Well, I was toolin' down the road after the wedding this weekend, listening to my favorite food show, the aforementioned THE SPLENDID TABLE on NPR. So anyway, Lynne Rossetto Kasper gave a tidbit of trivia I thought was fascinating. Did you know, Ole Nostraknowitall happened to have been an apothecary earlier in his career. In his pharmacy days, the famed soothsayer made an ancient love potion recipe and published it in his A TREATISE ON MAKEUP AND JAM. In the recipe for his Love Jam, he wrote to gather the following:

an octopus

the blood of seven male sparrows bled through the left wing

mandrake apples picked at sunrise

Bee's laughter (I guess that must be the buzz or possibly the honey)

apple pie spices



Cook together over an open fire, but woe unto you if it is a willow fire...

Have some of that jam over your morning crumpets or French toast!


  1. Donna, thank you so much for your prayers.

  2. I think I'd rather have toe jam than that recipe! Oh mylanta...did I just say that?

  3. Ohhhh...through the LEFT wing. That was my problem. Or maybe it was my willow fire?

  4. Deb, I'm with you. Couldn't kill the sparrows nor the octopus not to mention eating sparrow blood. And I'm so honery, I'd have cooked it over a willow fire just for spite.

  5. Came from Willows....so, when are you making this? tee-hee!

  6. I love listening to The Splendid Table too, it's such a great show.

  7. Well arighty, hehehee, I would rather have the toast and some good ole jelly!!! Hehehee. Blessings, Janna

  8. Can you imagine the TIME it took some poor love lorn soul to make this "delicacy"??

    I LOVE the splendid table too...Just never know when it is on...always just happen upon it!

  9. Hello Donna!
    I have always been facsinated with Nostradamus, but I would have to desperate to try the stuff!

    Where do you set up at Marburger? I set up in Tent H.

    Are you going to Theresa Cano's blog party so you can meet some of the blog gang!

    I am adding you to my blog list! Hope thats ok!


  10. Couldn't concoct the stuff I'm proud to say....too much of an animal lover, to sacrifice an innocent sparrow just to have a bit of Jam.
    Have to stick with Marmalade ;)

  11. Donna, It's been a while since I've posted, sounds like all is good with you. Congrats on the wedding. I have some stories on NPR-one of them is part of the This I Believe series(The Power of Love to Heal,") another with Tony Kahn (I think it was called "How Can You Say No?" Check 'em out. I'm still pining over that dog. He's so darn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jackie

  12. I love listening to The Splendid Table too, it's such a great show.

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