"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

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Donna Baker

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I came home from a Christmas party the weekend before Christmas and found that Sister, the ornery half of Emmy and Sister, was paralyzed. I died. Freaked out of my head. I rushed her to an emergency animal hospital in Tulsa. Given meds for a ruptured disc and told surgery would probably be impending after the weekend, I took her home and watched for the signs of a worsening condition. The next afternoon, the signs were there and I took her back and was told to rush her to the Oklahoma Veterinary School for emergency surgery in Stillwater, OK. I have told you before I never cry, but I cried rivers over Sister. My dogs are like my kids; I feel the way about animals that normal people feel about other people. I don't know why. I'm just hardwired that way. When we arrived on a Saturday eve, they examined her, told us surgery had a 90% chance for recovery, and it would cost $3500. Can you imagine what other people do in that situation? Well, just go ahead and kill her then. Impossible. She was whisked into the CT scanner and surgery. After 5 days in ICU I got to take her home.
She is shuffling around now and I was told that for 3-4 weeks, I'd basically have to keep her on a leash (she's never had one on) even seated next to me on the couch, and/or crated. She also has never been crated and howls. No playing, running, jumping, etc. Nothing. I have to watch her every move. This has taken 10 years off my life, I'm sure of it.
Did I mention that I am babysitting my son's uber energetic Pokey, whom drives Sister nuts?
And, I'll never wish for a white Christmas again. Ever. We had a blizzard Christmas eve. I drove through it to Tulsa with a truckload of gifts, food, dogs and crates, {everything but the kitchen sink}. My little dogs wouldn't go out in the snow. It was nearly deeper than they were tall. Even after my husband shoveled a path, they held their duties, refusing to go.

Sister got her staples removed and has finally settled with the idea of being on a leash; isn't acting like a tiny bucking bronco and/or biting it. Mind you, all of this on top of putting on the annual Christmas show... I'll need at least a year to get over it all.
PS ~ The surgeon said Sister needs another surgery in the spring. An ablation of all the discs in her back with a laser to keep this from happening again. I'll do anything at this point to not go through the disc thing again. I love you Sister. And that is all from atop my soapbox at the piss and moan club.


  1. Donna, if anyone ever deserved a good P&M.. it's you in this instance. I love little Doxie's, but I understand this is not an uncommon problem with them... so sorry you've had to endure this during the holidays... but you made it and you're still kickin'!

    Hope the new year brings less reasons to P&M and lots of reasons to shout for joy!

    blessings. Dixie

  2. Sorry about Sister, this bread always has spin problems. My brother breds them and we have had 3 of them in our family. We are down to one male now, Spencer. I never let him jump off of anything, I always help him down for fear of a spin injury! I know Sister is going to have a remarkable recovery!

    Happy New Year from our house to yours!

  3. Poor little cutie.

    Warm, woolly wishes for a wonderful 2010, Donna~!

    xx wills

  4. Bless her and your heart. I know you were worried sick. Glad she is doing spiffy. My Chiuhaha had a terrible ear infection over the holiday. Of course I acted like he was going to die. He is just my baby, they do become that! .....the snow is beautiful, I am jealous! Blessings for a wonderful New Year! Hugs, Janna


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