"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

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Donna Baker

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Peaches are peaches say ye who've only tried the common yellow ones. For those of you lucky enough to sink your teeth into a white fleshed peach, well, no other peach compares. Sweet, sublime, peachy perfume fills the senses and once you try a ripe white peach, you can never go back.
Possibly descended from a wild cultivar in Afghanistan, the Europeans believed peaches were native of Persia. They are really from China though and were cultivated as far back as the 10th century BCE. Favored by Chinese royalty, they believed peaches conferred immortality to those who ate them. Many Chinese and Japanese artisans paint peach blossoms and branches in their works. Peaches made their way from Asia to Europe. The Spanish brought them later to the Americas in the 17th century and the native Americans spread their seeds across America. Though Asians prefer the white, delicate fleshed peach, Americans and Europeans prefer the yellow fleshed ones.
I have two white peach trees and this year have been blessed with many fruits. The past two years, the trees remained fallow because of late spring freezes. Imagine my surprise when this year, both trees were loaded; many branches split because of the weight. I have frozen bags of peaches, made jam...............and have two five gallon buckets left.............. Bellinis anyone?


  1. Ooooh very peachy. I'm impressed with all the preserves!

  2. And who doesn't love the flavor of a fresh, juicy peach...and I agree, the whites are the sweetest! My peach soap is a best seller, as everyone loves that fresh, sweet scent!

    Thank you so much for the award...it is good to have parallel sisters, something a brother just can't fulfill...or a man for that fact!

    Right on Sista!!!

  3. I absolutely love the colour of your peach preserves!! I'm sure the taste is sublime as well! interesting peach facts.....

  4. Oh you are inspiring me to get some. I have the urge to make perserves too. Been a very long time since i've done that.

  5. Oh lucky you, I just ADORE peaches!! So juicy and sweet.


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