"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Paris Trip

Just now looking at the photos I took during my Paris trip this spring. I'll put up different ones from time to time. Did I mention that we flew first class? Yes, we did. It was the first time and probably the last time. But oh good Lord, it will be hard to ever fly coach again. We boarded and were promptly served champagne and orange juice; mimosas anyone? After warm nuts and marinated cheese, appetizers were served. More wine? Okay. Homemade wheat rolls or French bread. Piped butter? Of course. Grilled shrimp with horseradish dipping sauce and smoked salmon with fresh dill? Mais oui! Couldn't find the salad picture, but it was perfect baby greens with Roquefort cheese dressing of course.
Did I mention that the meal was served on tablecloths with no plastic containers anywhere? Here is a baked cheesy tortellini dish which was very good. Notice the glass on the right for shredded parmasean cheese. Don't know where they stored all the tablewares.

The beef fillet was thick and medium rare with another creamy horseradish topping. Mashed potatoes and grilled tomato made this plate pretty incredible. Could you eat another bite? You could after seeing the dessert cart roll past.

The vanilla ice cream was flecked with vanilla beans, the pecans fresh and the fudge topping hot. Yes, whipped cream too. Best sundae I've had. Don't know how they pulled that off. Believe it or not, they also served snacks later on. Two famous Texas chefs, Dean Fearing and Stephen Pyles, came up with the menu. Yea Texas. They did a great job considering it was airline food.

Each seat back had a screen for new movie releases or television shows. When time for sleep, the seats lay back to 90 degrees. Just so you know, I couldn't sleep anyway.

Morning, you were fed again. Each seat had a travel bag with toothpaste, brush, eye cover thingys, socks and more. Now you know how the other half travels and may I say, it was such a treat.


  1. Just look, do you see how green I've become, you lucky girl!!! But tell me, are you glad to be home???(whatever)

    Can't wait to see the Paris photos!!! BTW, I just got Cherry Blossoms in the mail, will grab a box of kleenex tonight and a glass of wine and have myself a good cry, it is about life you know, but we all gotta go sometime!!!


  2. Yes, I was glad to be home. Took me quite a long time to recover. And, I'm still paying off the trip. Paris was so expensive! Much more so than I expected. One photo I will show is along the Seine, where an apartment will run you 16,000euros per month (about $24,000.USD). A small apartment in St. Germain des Pres runs about 8,000euros per month.

  3. When I was a girl of 19, I flew to Paris alone...first time I ever flew...standby at 1 a.m. in the morning from Montreal airport. They put me in first class on a 747....I didn't know it was first class because I didn't speak french...so I thought that was how everybody flew....What a great trip!...a once in a lifetime for sure! Your food does look amazing....fun, fun, FUN!

  4. How glorious! I've only traveled first class once. It's so well worth it. Looking forward to the Paris pics!


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