"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

Hello Friends!

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Donna Baker

Sunday, July 31, 2011


In times long past, I used to go to summer camp.  Every evening we'd go up the mountain and sit around a camp fire.  Upon our descent, we would sing vespers.  "Day is done.  Gone the sun...."  I have great memories (but mostly about how homesick I was).  Nevertheless, here is a sunset at our Peaceable Hill Farm.

I won't be posting for a couple of weeks, but I will be reading all your blogs.  I am having my knee replaced this week.  At seventeen, I had knee surgery and I've needed a new one for nearly twenty years.  So, hope all of you get rain and cooler temps.  This week, it is supposed to climb to 110 degrees around here. 

And may I mention, I have been having trouble commenting on some of your blogs and have no idea how to correct the problem.  Any info will be appreciated.  Stay cool and well.


A Wild Thing said...

Oh Donna, yes this has been the summer of hell, I'm dreading what my electric bill will be the month and I keep the air set on 82...GEESH! Our river is at flood stage and we are in need of rain, it just doesn't make sense anymore!

I can't figure out blogger anymore, some blogs I have a terrible time commenting on, must be all the government surveillance going on and all the advertising. I read an article the other day about how companies can now use any photos of you posted on your blog to profile you to advertise to you and trace. Talk about a policed state...scary days ahead!

Good luck with the knee surgery, I hope an old skiing injury doesn't come back to haunt. Take care friend.


Cobalt Violet said...

I am so sorry about your knee!
Take it easy. I hope you have friends and neighbors to help out.
When I have my wrist surgery I rented movies and got pre-made salads at Trader Joe's. (I am not so handy with my left had!)

I will think good thoughts for you!
Sorry I can't help with the comment problem. I am not so techno savvy.

Kirsten Steen said...

Hope you are recovering well and all went perfectly with the surgery. Luckily we don't need any rain or cooler temps here and are finally enjoying some sun and 80-degree weather. I'm in the Pacific NW and have heard some Canadians complaining as well this summer. Happy healing (and reading)! Reading any good books?!

Xi said...

Hi Donna

How are you?
And how is your knee?

Warm greetings from Chile.

tracy said...

Donna, I remember when you hurt your knee trying to do a yoga pose! You will be the bionic woman now.

jacklynn4 said...

Hi Donna,

I hope your knee is getting better, sorry I've not commented in a long while-I'm soooo busy. I am on my way to France 10/29. It looks like your trip was great, your photos are beautiful. After reading your blog I have finally gotten excited about this trip. Thanks. Love all your posts, I'm happy to have caught up with you.