"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

"Gather ye rose-buds while ye may." Robert Herrick

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Donna Baker

Friday, May 16, 2014

Buddha's Hand

Well, I am tickled pink. This year is my first crop of Buddha's Hand.  
The oldest known citrus, (3000 years old) Buddha's Hand, has hardly any pulp and is mostly used candied.  Oh, does this plant smell wonderful.  Won't you please help me with tips on how to use candied citron?  Don't like fruitcake and hard pressed to come up with anything with candied fruit. Guess I could just eat it candied from the jar.


  1. It looks like art! How fun is that?
    Unfortunately, I have no idea what you would do with it, except for some fun garnish on a cocktail made with limoncello? Is it bad that citrus makes me think of limoncello? ;)

  2. This is the oddest looking fruit I have ever seen! How funny and fun. I haven't a clue how to use it other than a decorative conversation piece in the middle of the picnic table!

  3. I would be thrilled:)
    Then..I would Google:)
    Then I would share here..:)

    Off the bat the first post that came up..:

  4. I love the name and look of it ~ and how you describe that is smells so good .
    Also amazing about how long it has been existence .
    I had never hear of it before , then again there are quite a few things I have never heard of.

  5. You can order one from Logee's Tropical Plants out of Connecticut. I have used them for years and never disappointed. Google them. And, I am getting ready to order a ginger plant. Just be careful. I now have a greenhouse full in winter. It's all their fault - really, I just love edible plants.

  6. You grew those Donna?!? How cool is that!

    I've never eaten a Buddha's hand - I'm guessing it's in the citrus family right? Will look to see how your readers suggest it be used...

  7. I've never heard of it either and am excited just to know about it. I hope you'll share what you end up doing with it. What will you try first?

  8. I'll probably try it in vodka and make a tamer version of limoncello. The grain alcohol version like the one from Italy, is so strong, I can't get past the lemon flavored gasoline heat. It is so strong. Then I'll probably candy it in shreds so I can use it in desserts or on top of them.


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